Bancha tea bag

Most widespread tea, Bancha

Bancha is not yet familier in US market, but in fact very popular in Japan. This is one of the oldest tea and most widespread one. At the old time, many Japanese drink Bancha just like water because it is very low in caffein but high in catechin. Amazing tea! Recent study revealed that Bancha has a extreme effect to diabetes. The National Institute showed that polysaccharides contained in tea was effective to diabetes. Bancha has the No. 1 polysaccharides contains among all teas. TATEYAMA Tea recommends the water brew. Some TATEYAMA Tea customers drink Bancha for a week before taking the medical checkup.


Aroma like popcorn. Clean finish yellow tea.


I recommend to visit TATEYAMA Tea in Hitoyoshi Kumamoto especially for you as the tea specialist. Hitoyoshi is also good sightseeing spot. TATEYAMA Tea has a tea studio built in 1916. Those old facility is not found in any other places. But TATEYAMA Tea aims to create a Japan No. 1 Bancha. Caffeines remain on the studio’s roof so amazingly to find how long the tea was made here. The tea shop is also must-visit. You can enjoy the Japanese garden from the tea room. Do not miss the master’s tea lecture. Many people visit here to have his lecture. Charming wife will be your interpreter.

重さ 70 g



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