Gyokukro KANRO

Hollywood star’s choice KYOTO Zuisyo-en

KYOTO Zuisyo-en is located at the world famous sightseeing spot between Nijo-castle and Kyotogosho. Surrounded by the Kyoto traditional atmosphere. Young 4th generation Mr. Kakiguchi talks how the teas have been loved by Kyoto people with friendly manner. He always offers the sample tasting to customers. So if you come here, you can try many different Japanese teas. KYOTO Zuisyo-en delivers the premium Kyoto Uji teas to Switzerland, Germany and US



It is not tea, more like soup

300USD/100g Gyokuro was sometimes ordered from the US. This time I selected Gyokuro named “Kanro”. It is more reasonable price of 2000yen (18USD)/100g, but can compete with 300USD/100g Gyokuro. To taste the Gyokuro better, you should follow 2 simple rules.
1.) Amount of leaf: Just pour water over the Gyokuro leaves till it just covered them. Gyokuro is similar to coffee espresso. Very small water amount.
2.) Water temp: 130degF It is not easy to measure the water temp. but the water temp. is extremetly important for Gyokuro.

Weight 100 g


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