Hamada Tea Organic Matcha

Organic Matcha from “CHIRAN” Japan’s big 4 tea brand

3rd generation of young couple are developing the organic tea for US market in CHIRAN. CHIRAN is a home for samurai and tea, and the Japan’s big 4 tea brand. Hamada family tries new tea innovation but still care about the tradition. They have close relationship to partner tea farmers and work together to grow teas. The product control records are kept for perfect traceability. All for good quality teas.


Matcha’s comfort bitterness and very rich taste


I selected the world popular Matcha. It is Organic! One level higher than cooking level. Good for Matcha latte and even good for Tea ceremony. Hamada tea also has sencha which is grown in CHIRAN. The sweet fruity aroma like you smell when you pear the grape. Very fruity sencha.

重さ 114 g



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