Kakegawacha by a farming system certified as GIAHS

Deep steamed tea grown by a farming system certified as GIAHS

The sceneries of widely spreaded tea plantation are often seen in Shizuoka prefecture. The areas to cultivate tea-grass are also found around the plantation. A farming system called “Chagusaba” is a traditional method to grow green tea leaves where bamboo grasses and silver grasses are grown and then mowed down for the purpose to cover the furrows in tea plantations. These grasses help green tea to produce good taste and flavor. The bio-diversity has been preserved through the efforts of farmers who are willing to offer quality outputs. Achieving a good balance between agriculture and biodiversity received recognition worldwide. “Chagusaba” was certified as GIAHS in 2013.



Like popcorn flavor with the comfort bitteness of Matcha. Excellent balance.


The tea leaves grown under enough sunlight produce astringency. Because of the process of deep steaming, the cells of tea leaves are broken down and astringency and bitterness can be reduced. Dietary fiber and nutrient such as vitamin E and minerals are often left inside the tea leaves with the normal process but not with the deep steaming process. Because of the tea leaf paricles rich in nutrients, deep steamed tea is characterized by its color of bright and dark green.

重さ 100 g



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