Kiri no Tsuyu GOLD Sencha

Chashi selected the best tea leaves

Chashi Mr. Yamaguchi has the absolute confidents of selecting and blending teas. Chashi Mr. Yamaguchi blends tea leaves to maxmize the synergy effects of the advantages and disadvantages the different tea leaves have. Achieved the roasted aroma with freshness! Had sweetness with bitterness in tea! Rich but clean finish. Enjoy the perfect blend.



Sencha with roasted aroma when you feel cracking open the almond and fresh smell like basil leave.


Minoru-en Chahi’s tea has the perfect balance of taste. I selected the company’s best seller sencha “Chiran Kiri no Tsuyu GOLD”. If you like the good balance of tea, this tea is a good choice. Their package design is the traditional, if you like your own design, you can also purchase it with bulk.

Weight 100 g


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