Mai Organic Sencha

Organic sencha by top tea valuer

Marukyu is one of the top Japanese tea valuer. There are only 37 certified valuers in Japan and they are considered as a real Japanese tea professional with not only their judgement skill but knowing tea history, culture and knowledge. Marukyu’s tea factory is located in Shizuoka, near Mt. Fuji. This is the Japan’s No. 1 tea production area because of excellent climate for tea. Marukyu works very actively for organic productions.



Clear roast aroma. Strong Umami taste with clean finish. Enjoy Umami taste after shipping Mai Organic sencha.


I picked up “Mai” organic sencha. This tea was grown at the highland area surrounded by the forest which is the best for the organic farming. The area has beautiful morning mist and temperature gap in the morning and evening is significant to make tea great scent and Umami taste. The group of farms work together to produce those tea.



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