Mametoku Taste bean (20 bags per case)

MEMETOKU was established 150 years ago. Bean snack is low in calories but high in protein. The extremely healthy snack was long loved in Japan. 8th generation of young CEO Mr. Uesako keeps the tradition but equip the modern facility with HACCP. This is the world no. 1 healthy snack.



“Bean snack” is always next to teas in tea shops, Japan. If you eat bean snacks, you must want to drink teas or vice versa. Can’t stop! It is like the combination of coffee and chocolates. I recommend 4 bean snacks, “Matcha milk bean”, “Black sesame tofu bean”, “Sakura (cherry blossom) bean” and “Wasabi bean”. Start selling to the US through this catalog. Got iTQi International excellent award in 2010. It is the first awarded snack in the area of bean.

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Soybean Bamboo Charcoal, Soybean Matcha, Soybean Wasabi, Soybean Umami, Soybean Rich Matcha, Cashew Nut Wasabi


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