Organic Deep-steamed Green tea “Takumi”

Big organic project launched

The big organic project has just launched in Kagoshima which is the 2nd largest tea production area in Japan. Suisouen started organic farming from 1998 in Chiran, the Big 4 tea brand area. The area of farming field, which was 5 ha at first, has been extended to 14 ha as of 2016, and then in 2018, will become about 50 ha, making it the biggest organic plantation in South Kyushu city. Suisouen currently can provide the organic green tea, then soon organic Matcha project will start.



Blended some superior tea breeds such as Asatsuyu and Yutakamidori to create sweet aroma with very rich taste.


The Organic Deep-steamed green tea made by the 10th grade of Chashi. Chashi Mr. Sekiya was drawing the merit of organic materials to the maximum. Some people think the deep-steam green tea is bitter, but if Chashi is good, the bitterness which the teas have goes away and only sweet part remains in the brewed tea. Also, the deep-steamed green tea is easier to brew due that it is not effected by the water temperature.

重さ 100 g



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