Satsumarché Cube 21P

KAGOSHIMA SEICHA has the top market share in Kagoshima. 130 years history reveals their reliablity. Young 5th generation Chashi Mr. MORI built the overseas team, which is still unusual in Japan, so that the company can take many customization of your needs. They have also various organic and matcha teas. If you are looking for the reliable tea business partner, KAGOSHIMA SEICHA is the great choice.



Seven different teas are the best for someone who want to shift your daily coffee to the healthy tea drinking.


“Kawaii tea assort” has been sold very well in Japan and had “Gold Award, Kagoshima new gift competition. All teas are narural. 7 different tastes for 7 days of the week. “Small orange tea” is good to facilitate your positive motivation. “Yuzu green tea” is good when you are in a low mood. Other flavors: Benifuki Black tea/ Sencha (Origin:Chiran)/Green tea for cold brew/Deep-steamed tea/Hoji tea.

Weight 60 g


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